Cheryl, the Queen of the 42 FF

OK, so, I smoke, all right? I needed some cigarettes in
the middle of the night, and I threw on some clothes
and drove down to the local convenience market. There
was only one other car in the parking lot at that time
of night, around three am.

I went up to the counter, and just as I did, the other
customer in the store suddenly appeared from a side
aisle. One glance, and my quick glance turned into a
drooling stare.

The woman had the largest tits I’d ever seen in real

And, she knew I was staring. She had probably been
stared at a lot in her life, I guess, because she
actually laughed at me. I could feel my cock harden
just from looking at her, from being close to her. I
had a thing for big tits…a big thing, like, hell, a

“Who’s next?” the clerk interrupted my reverie.

“He is,” she said, and the same time as I said, “She

She was buying a small bottle of wine. The clerk
suddenly said, “Sorry, Miss, I can’t sell that after
two a.m. It’s against the law.”

“Oh, I forgot,” she said, and took the wine back while
I bought my pack of smokes. When she came back to the
counter, I got up my nerve and said, “Hey, I have some
wine back at the house.”

She eyed me suspiciously. “I bet you do,” she said with
a laugh.

“No, really, I do. It’s a little sweeter than what you
had, you know, I just live around the corner.”

She shook her head, and I left. As I pulled out of the
lot, I saw her getting in her car. I parked my car in
front of my house, and a car pulled down the street
slowly. It pulled right in front of my car, and she got
out! I couldn’t believe it. She had taken me up on my

“Hey dummy,” she said, “you forgot your cigarettes; you
left ’em on the counter.” She handed me my pack of
cigarettes. My heart sank.

“Oh, thanks,” I said. “I was hoping you would take me
up on my offer.”

She shrugged. “Well, I’m here, I guess. My name is

“Tom,” I said. “Come on in.”

She followed me to the door, and inside, she sat on the
couch while I went in the kitchen and brought out a
bottle of wine and two clean glasses.

“So,” she asked, “what are you doing up in the middle
of the night wandering around convenience stores?”

“Looking for women,” I said with a laugh.

She laughed and I said, “Naw, I just needed a pack of
cigs, that’s all.”

I couldn’t believe this big-titted beauty was sitting
on my couch, sipping my wine. I sat beside her, but not
too close.

“So, you get a throbbing bulge every time a woman walks
up to you?”

My mouth nearly fell open. I swallowed. She had
noticed. “Nope,” I said, “only when beautiful women
walk up to me.” I started to say, “Only women with
44FF’s” but left that part out.

“Well, I suppose, like, you want to cum all over my
tits now?” She asked, looking at me very seriously.

“No, I’d like to have a smoke first, and finish the
glass of wine.” We both laughed. It was funny,

To my amazement, she reached over and squeezed my cock!
“Well, it can wait,” she said.

At that point, it couldn’t wait! I reached over and
lightly outlined one of her large nipples with the tip
of my finger.

She put her glass on the coffee table, and reached over
and took my cigarette and put it out, then took my
glass of wine, and put it down on the coffee table.
Then, she stood up. “Where is your bedroom?”

I go the idea quickly, and within a minute, we were
both naked, with me staring at her, looking down as she
wrapped her lips around the head of my throbbing cock,
rubbing her massive gams against my thighs.

I couldn’t wait. I backed away, and pulled her up.
Moving over to the bed, I lay her down gently,
spreading her legs. I stuck my cock against her wet,
hot pussy, as I leaned forward and ran my tongue around
one of her huge, brown nipples.

I pushed into her, and heaven surrounded me like
nothing I’d had in quite a while. I began moving in and
out of her then, faster, and faster, as she writhed and
moaned loudly in my ear.

She started jerking and writhing faster and faster, an
almost pained expression on her face as she came with
loud, low moans. She used her cunt muscles, squeezing
my cock as I continued thrusting in and out of her.

I felt myself about to cum, but I knew I shouldn’t cum
inside of her. I pulled out, and moved up her belly to
her tits, her enormous, round globes with the big, dark
nipples. I moved my cock head across her nipples
enjoying the feel of them against my flesh, but she
reached up and grabbed my cock suspended above her
face, and stroked me, pointing my cock at her tits.

It was too much; my dick erupted with hot loads of cum,
my balls tightening on her forehead. Gobs of hot, white
cum flew out of my cock and landed on her tits, with
one hitting the bull’s eye — her big nipples. She
stroked me faster, and gush after gush left me to land
on her tits, and then her opened mouth. She flicked her
tongue out and tasted the slimy fluid.

She reached down and rubbed the cum into her tits. I
had never seen a woman do that before, and the sight of
it really blew my mind.

After that we did it again, except this time I came in
her, it was wonderful. We lay there, side by side for a
bit catching our breath.

Then she said, “Let’s go have a glass of wine.”

“And a cigarette,” I said with a smile.

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